Case studies

In these case studies, you’ll see how Dr. Cees A.M. den Teuling and his team have collaborated with the clients to develop tailored strategies and solutions that address unique needs and circumstances.

We take pride in our ability to work closely with our clients to understand their vision and objectives, and then deliver tangible results that help them thrive in a competitive marketplace. Many of these case studies provide valuable insight into how Dr. Cees A.M. den Teuling can help you achieve success. So take a look at the cases to see for yourself the impact that our consultancy services can have on your business.

Orange Business Improvement

Orange Business Improvement was an alliance of internationally experienced consultants and coaches that have been active from 2012.
The consortium was a productive collaboration and has been providing advice, matchmaking, training, business optimization, investment and other forms of business consultancy services…

CDT Business support

CDT Business Support was established in 1991 targeted on the specific markets in Central- and Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. CDT Business Support’s mission was to support small and middle sized enterprises in these countries. Consultants acted as a qualified adviser for the company owners and managers…

Business Projects in Tatarstan, Russian Federation

Dr. Cees A.M. den Teuling was involved in various projects in the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan in particular. On this page there is an overview highlighting the research and consultancy projects conducted in Tatarstan…

Leading a Cultural Change: A Seminar Example

Get an impression for a Seminar plan: Leading a cultural complex change Presented by Emamanuela D’Orival, HR consultant and executive coach for
Orange Business Improvement – in
English – French – Russian languages…

Projects in Lithuania, Belarus and Armenia

Over the years, Dr. Cees A.M. den Teuling has worked on various projects that have helped businesses, organizations, and government agencies to navigate the complexities of the Eastern European and international market…

Coaching Voucher voor Internationaal Ondernemen

Wij zijn sinds 2014 geaccrediteerd door de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), als uitvoerder van het “Starters in Business” Voucher programma en verzorgen sindsdien individuele coaching op alle terreinen van internationaal ondernemen!

Corporate Social Responsibility Training – Kazan

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a new concept, especially for the Eastern European companies. Orange Business Improvement has developed a broad training program targeted at larger companies and authorities. This program has been a success also among management students and post-graduates in Russia (Tatarstan region)…

Here comes another project

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