Cees A.M.den Teuling, DBA

Cees A.M. den Teuling is a sr. executive / entrepreneur with more than 30 years extensive experience worldwide in consulting small & medium-sized companies (references available on request).
In recent years he has been focused on business projects in Central- and Eastern Europe (in particular the Russian Federation). Advisory- and turnaround projects range from restructuring enterprises, market research, change management, privatization, retail operations management to credit applications and investment projects.

Cees is proactive, positive-critical and communicative on all levels, with an open attitude to the different societies and to the environmental-, liability- and governance issues.

In my approach to business consultancy and training I combine three passions and expertise in:
+ SME Entrepreneurship & International Business
      + SME Management & Organization 
      + Dynamic business climate in Eastern & Central Europe & Russia

Your inquiries

  • Are you looking for the professionalization of your small- or medium-sized business?
  • Striving to improve your management leadership abilities?
  • Trying to grow your employees’ awareness of cultural differences while benefiting from the smooth international operations?
  • Eager to boost the financial performance of your organization?
  • Want to share with your students theoretical and practical knowledge of investment policies, global stakeholders interests, the role of the civil society, and other important business questions?

Cees consultation & training

You are welcome to contact Cees for a free offer! 

Every consultation and training is custom-made, based on the careful business problem research and close communication with the client. Cees has a broad working experience that helps save time and efforts on the preparation phase and assess the client’s issue from all perspectives for the best solution.

Check Educational Solutions and Business Solutions for more insights and inspiration!

The DBA Thesis “Crossing cultural boundaries: transfer of Management Knowledge and Skills between organisational cultures”

The DBA Thesis “Crossing cultural boundaries: transfer of Management Knowledge and Skills between organisational cultures” was the result of 10-years extensive research by Cees A.M. den Teuling, conducted for the acquiring of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at Sheffield Hallam University U.K. and Business School Netherlands…

What was the success story of CDT Business Support?

The fundament of CDT Business Support is that the final result of the combined qualities, is more than the sum of the individual qualities. The consultants of CDT Business Support have developed services which are very much suitable for the economic development of private Middle Sized Enterprises in Central Europe, and especially in the Russian Federation.

What are the educational solutions for SMEs? What kind of business training does Cees provide?

All trainings are tailor-made, based on the careful research, put in the situational frame. E.g. Cees has been helping develop training and development programs for employees to enhance skills and knowledge, which can ultimately increase productivity and performance.

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