CDT Business Support

CDT Business Support was established in 1991 targeted on the specific markets in Central- and Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. CDT Business Support’s mission was to support small and middle sized enterprises in these countries. Consultants acted as a qualified adviser for the company owners and managers. 

The fundamentals of CDT Business Support was that the final result of the combined qualities, is more than the sum of the individual qualities. The consultants of CDT Business Support shared the qualities and experience necessary for general management of independent, private companies. This know-how and skills were complemented by individual specialist qualities in specific business fields. 

If necessary, CDT Business Support called in the help of specialists for even more specific and detailed questions like legal and fiscal matters and collaborated with international institutions e. g. World Bank, EBRD and European Union Institutions.

CDT Business Support has been officially present in the Republic of Tatarstan since 2001 and provided their consultancy services to well-known regional companies.