DBA verdediging Cees den Teuling Thesis onderwerp
DBA Thesis: Crossing cultural boundaries

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DBA Thesis

Crossing cultural boundaries: transfer of Management Knowledge and Skills between organisational cultures.


The central subject of this thesis is the knowledge transfer process, especially in transboundary environments through the lens of cultural diversity and cultural awareness, the influences on knowledge transfer in Russian organisations, leading to the sustainable creation of values and to substantiation of the “comparative advantages” of the recipient organisation. Thus, it explores the conundrum of a variance of functions by examining the substantial factors, which affect the knowledge transfer system itself, the personal and environmental conditions, to react to the research question: “How can management consultants overcome the gaps, barriers and stumbling blocks in the daily operations of the transfer of managerial knowledge and skills in intercultural contexts, in order to provide ensured, sustainable value creation for clients”?

To study the subject, first the review and integration of the literature from Western and Russian perspectives was conducted for revealing the positions of scholars in the related areas, such as the national culture and its dimensions, social environment, organisational culture, roles and styles of the actors in the knowledge transfer process, organisational learning and absorptive capacity. The literature review was done from the perspective of the role of those elements in the knowledge transfer and new knowledge creation process with sustainable value creation in Russian organisations as the culmination……

Cees den Teuling DBA