Orange Business Improvement city
Who we are

Orange Business Improvement is an alliance of internationally experienced consultants and coaches. For more than three decades our consortium has been providing advice, matchmaking, training, business optimization, investment and other forms of business consultancy services. While our target groups are small- and medium-sized companies in the Eastern Europe, CIS and the Netherlands, our collaboration with multi-nationals and universities is growing strong over the last years. Together with Dutch and Russian universities we have developed various educational programs aimed to help starters, managers, authorities to perform better.

The key feature of our alliance is that we have our own businesses and experienced the reality of business life in great extend worldwide. Consultants of Orange Business Improvement travel a lot to bring their knowledge and experience to the companies that need advice and improvement, to students who are eager to learn more about doing business internationally. Our success working strategy, among others, is based on the “White Paper method” when individual approach to a client’s situation is applied.

Orange Business Improvement operates in the following sectors:

  • Business Operations & Marketing
  • Management, Finance, Human Capital & Internal Organization
  • Agriculture, Food Processing & Life Sciences
  • Retail, Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment Sectors
  • Cross-border Legal Services
  • Financial Engineering, Corporate & Fiduciary Services
  • Organizational Restructuring & Change Management
  • Cross-border & Inter-Organizational Cultural Transformation

Please, check our Business Solutions and Educational Solutions to learn more how we can assist you and your company!