Orange Business Improvement is an alliance of internationally experienced entrepreneurs and consultants. The key feature of our alliance is that we have our own businesses and have experienced the reality of business life worldwide over a substantial number of years.

Orange Business Improvement works for small and medium-sized companies in the Eastern Europe, CIS and the Netherlands. Our consortium is specialized in advice, matchmaking, coaching, business optimization, investment and other forms of consulting services. We are dedicated to help business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to achieve better performance and to make really profitable deals.

Our success working strategy, among others, is based on the White Paper method when individual approach to a client’s situation is applied. Through what we do and how we to it, we power the ambitions of our customers and our business partners. Successful improvement and development is a core of any activity we start. It is grounded in a deep understanding of what customers want and what we can offer them best.

Brief Profile of Orange Business Improvement

seminarVoronezh-2-2-2 Matchmaking and projects search Seminars

Development and testing of the feasibility of business plans, marketing research, evaluation of the structure and dynamics of the organization are carried out and documentally presented by Orange Business Improvement to improve the efficiency of the organization activities…


Search and professional assessment of business partners, potential investors and actual projects in the CIS countries and the European Union is the one of the core activities of Orange Business Improvement…


Business seminars, training sessions, presentations, designed by Orange Business Improvement contribute in the creation of a strong theoretical basis not only for beginners but also for experienced businessmen…


Centers of Expertise of Orange Business Improvement


  • Business Operations in Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Capital & Internal Organization, in Agriculture, Food Processing & Life Sciences
  • Services Development & Management
  • Retail, Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment Sectors
  • Cross-border Legal Services
  • Financial Engineering, Corporate & Fiduciary Services
  • Organizational Restructuring & Change Management
  • Cross-border & Inter-Organizational Cultural Transformation
  • Civil Society Development & Communication
  • CSR & Civil Society Interactions, Administrations & Corporate Sector
  • Development & Management of Innovations
  • ICT, Microelectronics, Mechatronics & Nanotechnology
Orange Business Improvement is your reliable and flexible partner which strives to provide its expertise on the consistently high level!